Fires, fires and more fires!

Will this state recover from all of the forest fires going on?  Will Hyw 55 become a muddy mess if we get a bunch of rain?  Will we ever get to breathe again normally?


Not all hockey, all the time…

I won’t bore all of you with 24/7 hockey.  I am more than willing to talk about other subjects when they come up.  I am not a big politics fan, as all it does is irritate me to no end.  I am in disfavor with both parties, and probably a bit more so with the current so called “administration”.

I want the government out of my life.  I don’t want their handouts.  I don’t want strings attached.  I want to live my life, and not receive anything unless I am desperate, and it benefits my family as a whole.  Well, nothing the government does now benefits me in any way.  Maybe that is a good thing.  Maybe not… I dunno.

Hockey…my sport of life.

Well, the pending NHL season is coming soon, and there is that risk of a lockout, such as back 6 years ago.  It’s time that the owners not be so greedy, and actually work with the players.  For if it wasn’t for the players, you would not have teams.  Last time I checked, owners were not putting on the pads and playing the game.  In fact, most of them have probably never even laced a pair of skates on.  Work with the boys, owners!  They won’t let you down!  Attendance is at all time highs, ratings are much better, and let’s not forget the Winter Classic…  What an opportunity this upcoming season!  The chance to have over 114,000 fans in one place, watching hockey!!  I admit, I am not a Red Wings fan, but c’mon!!  The Big House will be a Mad House when this game comes around…if you all decide to work things out!

Also, I am going into my 16th consecutive season of refereeing hockey myself.  With a new job, I am not sure how or when I am going to be able to work Juniors this season, but will do what I can.

Each new season brings on new challenges…Can’t wait to see what this season brings!